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This page will contain the latest information from the Club Committee as how the Club and its members may may meet and use the club's facilities in line with Government guidance and restrictions. 


This will change as Government guidance and restrictions change.


Any "best practice" procedures to manage the residual risks of transmitting infection will also appear here as and when they are found necessary. 

29th July 2021      

Following the removal of mandatory actions on 19th July 2021 to control the Covid 19 epidemic, there are no restrictions as to how many members may visit the track site.

The Committee encourage the membership to follow the Government advice to behave in a responsible manner to minimise the risks of cross infection.

There are no other Covid specific measures in place required by the committee.

18th May 2021      Covid Easing Update


The Committee took advantage of tho Lockdown easing by holding a Committee Meeting on the evening of the 17th in the steaming bay. The clubhouse was also opened up and it was apparent that there is the need for a good clean and ventilation therein.


In the light of this and to accommodate the potential increase in visitor numbers the Committee would like to offer the following guidance:-


1.  The attendance book and running book for locos will be available in the clubhouse

2.  Members can access all facilities, within the Step 3 regulations, at the track as per normal.

3.  Strict hygiene measures must be followed when using the toilet facilities.

4.  Because of doubts over water quality and the condition of the clubhouse there can be no indoor drinks preparation currently. The general user mugs will also be out of bounds so please bring your own drinks facilities. The temporary use of the urn in the veranda area will be explored.

5.  Members wishing to run locos should be aware that the condition of the batteries is as yet unknown, at least until the generator has been run up for a period. Please bring your own battery to be sure of power for blowers.

6.  The Committee would urge caution on all on-site activities due to the extended period of lockdown. Initial maintenance work will concentrate on bringing all facilities back to their  previous pre-lockdown level.


As the latest variant of Covid appears to be casting doubts over the final stage of easing, "no earlier than June 21st", the Committee has deferred on making any decision on the time and place of the postponed 2020 AGM. We must wait until the Government's final decision before making any arrangements and then give the requisite period of notice to all members. This meeting may well be during August at the earliest.


I hope this clarifies the current situation but if there are any queries on procedures please contact an Officer or member of the Committee.

Malc Kerr, Hon Sec.

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