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"News and Recent Events"

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A tree was blown down in the south west corner of the track site by storm Ciara. 

It fell onto the footbridge over the ground level track cutting.  Fortunately no damage was done and it was quickly cut up with a chainsaw to provide fuel for the club house stove once seasoned.



The construction of a new storage area, has been completed.  The principal, but not the only participants in its construction were John Ollerenshaw , Keith Bostock and Paul Allum


The installation of the ‘new’ generator has made steady progress, with occasional stoppages as technical support has been obtained.  It has now been wired in and commissioned.


A long standing member Mike Larimore passed away in January, with his funeral on the 14th February.   While not able to be an active member in recent years, in the past he ran several locos, running a Polly Loco at events.  He also had a particular interest in aircraft and at one time held a pilot’s licence.


The MONTHLY MEETING on 10th February at Alfie’s Bar was cancelled due to a fall of snow that day.  The subject of the meeting, a show of member’s photographs and video will now be shown on Monday 9th March.


The monthly meeting held at Alfie’s Bar in Spondon on the Monday the 13th

was attended by 37 members to hear a talk given by Kieran Lee about the

Bennerley Viaduct.  Kieran had been involved in the preservation and

development of the viaduct as a Community Asset for many years.  He told the

story of the viaduct from construction, avoiding demolition, surviving to become

a Listed Structure and the soon to be implemented renovation to carry foot and

cycle paths as part of the planned Great Northern Greenway linking Derby and

Nottingham using much of the track bed of the old Great Northern route.

Kieran was a very good speaker knowledgeable and enthusiastic on his subject.




On a grey but dry New Year’s Day 17 members signed in at the track where 5 Locos were run.  These included  a 7¼” gauge “Holmeside” and “Bridget”, 5” Pansy, the club “Simplex” and a battery Electric loco.

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